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The Knight

Our second character is The Knight.
She is a stylised sculpt inspired by my concept of Ahsoka, as portrayed by Rosario Dawson in both Ahsoka and Mandalorian.

Interestingly, this is my third version of the character, but the first one I completed.

I sculpted my first version for May 4th, 2022. It was a quick job, a stylised version created just for fun to celebrate Star Wars Day. The second one, more realistic in style, still needs to be completed, but I plan to finish it someday.

Check out the video below if you want to see how I went from a realistic to a stylised version.

The Knight is the largest from the set due to her “montrals,” protrusions on her head. She is still within the 1/10th scale, measuring approximately 75mm from the top of her ‘hair’ to the bottom.

The bust comes as a 3-piece sculpt, fully prepared for print. Depending on your preferences, you can use supported or unsupported files.

If you’re interested in purchasing The Knight at a promotional price, sign up for our Kickstarter campaign, which we will launch soon. After the campaign, The Knight will be available for purchase at the regular price on our website.

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