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The Princess

Allow me to introduce our first character, The Princess.

I’m sure you recognise her. She is a stylised sculpt inspired by my own concept of Princess Leia, featuring her iconic hairdo and white outfit.

I have sculpted her in two versions, the classic and a slightly more pin-up version with a low-cut top.

The Princess is slightly larger than the 1/10th scale. She measures approximately 65mm from the top of her head to the bottom.
The bust comes as a one-piece sculpt, fully prepared for print. Depending on your preferences, you can use supported or unsupported files.

You can check out the entire sculpting process in my YouTube video.

If you want to purchase her at a promotional price, sign up for our Kickstarter campaign. We will be launching it soon. After the campaign, The Princess will be available for purchase at the regular price on our website.

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